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About Royal Spirit

Royal Spirit is Abu Dhabi’s premier liquor store, renowned for its curated selection of premium beverages. With a state-of-the-art showroom in the heart of the city and a seamless online delivery system, they have set the gold standard for liquor retailing in the region. Their commitment to quality and customer experience makes them a preferred choice for connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

Client's Vision

Seeking to elevate their brand presence in a competitive market, Royal Spirit partnered with EZ Digital. Their aspiration was to have a brand identity that mirrored the sophistication and luxury of their offerings, while also emphasizing their dual presence – both as a physical showroom and a digital storefront. They wanted their brand to resonate with their elite clientele, ensuring that every interaction, be it online or offline, exuded the same level of excellence and regality

Our Solution

Understanding the essence of Royal Spirit, our team embarked on a journey to design a logo that would be synonymous with luxury and elegance. Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of Abu Dhabi and the refined taste of Royal Spirit’s offerings, the logo was crafted to be timeless.
Following the logo, a comprehensive brand book was developed, detailing the brand’s colors, typography, and guidelines, ensuring consistency across all platforms. To complement their brand identity, we also designed sophisticated stationery that reflected the brand’s ethos, ensuring that every touchpoint, from business cards to letterheads, resonated with the brand’s regal essence.


With a refreshed brand identity, Royal Spirit has further solidified its position as Abu Dhabi’s premier liquor store. The new branding not only aligns with their commitment to quality but also provides them with a distinct edge in a competitive market, ensuring they remain the first choice for liquor enthusiasts in the region

Project Info

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Royal Spirit


Liquor Retail & Online Sales

Project Scope

Brand Development, Logo Design, Brand Book Creation, Stationery Design

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