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About RPH

RPH stands as a beacon of Canadian craftsmanship in the heart of Dubai. As the city’s first fitout company of Canadian origin, RPH brings a blend of Canadian precision and Dubai’s architectural elegance to the table. Specializing in both interior and exterior fitouts, they have carved a niche for themselves, setting new benchmarks in design, innovation, and quality.

Client's Vision

RPH’s entry into the Dubai market was not just about introducing a new fitout company; it was about establishing a brand that embodied Canadian quality and the grandeur of Dubai’s architectural landscape. They sought a brand identity that would seamlessly merge these two worlds, creating a unique space for themselves in a competitive market. Their vision was clear: to be recognized not just as another fitout company, but as a symbol of international collaboration and excellence.

Our Solution

To capture the essence of RPH, our team initiated the design process with the logo. Drawing inspiration from Canadian minimalism and Dubai’s intricate designs, the logo was conceptualized to be both elegant and bold. It was essential for the logo to resonate with both the Canadian and Emirati audience, creating a bridge between the two cultures.

Following the logo’s creation, a detailed brand book was curated. This book served as the cornerstone of RPH’s branding, outlining the brand’s colors, typography, and design guidelines. To ensure a cohesive brand presence across all touchpoints, we also designed brand collaterals that aligned with RPH’s ethos. Recognizing the power of digital, we further assisted RPH in creating their social media accounts, ensuring their digital presence was as impactful as their offline one.


With a revitalized brand identity, RPH has successfully positioned itself as a frontrunner in Dubai’s fitout industry. The branding not only reflects their Canadian roots but also resonates with the architectural brilliance of Dubai. Today, RPH stands as a testament to what can be achieved when two worlds come together, all thanks to a brand identity that truly represents them.

Project Info

Client Name



Interior & Exterior Fit-Out

Project Scope

Logo Design, Brand Book Creation, Brand Collaterals, Social Media Account Creation, and Comprehensive Branding Solutions

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