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Pigeon Arabia

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Pigeon stands as a hallmark of quality and trust in the realm of mother and baby care products. Synonymous with comfort and innovation, Pigeon has etched its name as the go-to brand in the market. Their relentless dedication to research and commitment to providing unparalleled comfort, safety, and efficacy has made them a household name. From prenatal to daycare, PIGEON offers comprehensive solutions that resonate with parents globally.

Client's Vision

Pigeon Arabia envisioned a digital transformation that would amplify their online presence. They sought a Progressive Web App (PWA) that was mobile-responsive, bilingual, and seamlessly integrated with their online store and payment gateway. The primary objective was to enhance online sales, ensuring a platform that was intuitive, swift, and visually captivating to showcase their diverse product range.

EZ Digital's Customized Approach

Our journey with Pigeon Arabia commenced with a meticulous audit of their existing digital metrics and a deep dive into their current website's functionalities. Armed with these insights, we crafted a WordPress theme that was not only adaptive and scalable but also user-centric and easy to manage. Our innovative approach ensured that Pigeon Arabia had a platform that was both robust and agile.

Remarkable Outcomes

Our strategic approach bore significant results

  • We delivered a website with a laser-focused marketing strategy, aligning with Pigeon Arabia’s growth aspirations.
  • In a relatively short span, we unveiled a revamped website that not only encapsulated their offerings more effectively but also elevated the overall user experience.
  • The platform empowered their marketing team with the flexibility and tools needed to drive success.
Performance Metrics
  • A stellar A ranking on GTmetrix, underscoring the site’s impeccable optimization.
  • Simplified and streamlined order process, enhancing user convenience.
  • A commendable 91% score on Google PageSpeed Insights, reflecting rapid load times and smooth navigation.
  • A whopping 230% surge in site visits, showcasing the site’s enhanced appeal and reach.
  • An impressive 93% score on GTmetrix, further solidifying its top-tier performance.

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